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We understand that preparing a court case is an emotional journey and serving the defendant is a defining moment.

Our promise to you is to serve your documents on time and correctly. All you have to do is add the details, and we do the rest.

This is a game-changer for the legal industry!

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Save up to 90% of your time getting documents served

Add document details

Follow the instructions to add the details of the person being served and the document type to obtain a price.

Book your server

Pricing options are the affordable, quick or same day. Select your option and proceed to book your process server.

Confirmation of service

Follow the process online and communicate with your server. You will be notified as soon as your documents have been served.


About Us

Digital Process Servers was developed with our clients needs in mind, as busy law firms and solicitors increase their need for process serving and quicker ways to complete their caseloads we have a simple efficient way to connect them to process servers on the ground.

We support members of the public who are often unsure of the process and help them navigate the serving of their important documents.

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Serving Legal Documents on time and Correctly

As a solicitor, ensuring that legal documents are served on time and correctly is an essential part of your legal process.
At Digital Process Servers, we are committed to helping streamline your operations thanks to our easy-to-use online platform.

Every document served changes the lives of people in need.

Every time we do business together something amazing happens in the world.

On your behalf for every document served, we will donate to a charity that is aligned with the United Nations 17 sustainable development goals.

Giving Impacts

Every document served changes the lives of people in need.

"We are in the business of letting people know they are being legally pursued and our role is to support our clients through this emotional journey."

Nichola Caddy
Director Australe Digital


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