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Net-zero and the legal industry

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Honesty I hate buzz words and Net-Zero is definitely one of them, but having said that as a conscious business owner I feel we have a responsibility to do as much as we can to ensure we leave the earth in a better position than is it is now.

We built our business around the socially responsible model and have aligned with the United Nations' 17 sustainable goals and what I want to share with you now is how we can all be doing our bit when it comes to having documents served.

DPS has been built on the power of Google's Mapping API.

Our aim is to link you directly to local Process Servers, what this means is 

  1. less travel time for our Servers
  2. less carbon footprint because of fewer vehicle emissions
  3. better quality of life for our servers because they are working locally
  4. you benefit from their local knowledge

When I realised the impact we could have on the environment in this industry I was pretty excited, I know of Process Servers who travel 100's of KM's a week, the cost to both them and the environment is a big deal. I feel the more we work together to limit the travel times by using local Process Servers the better off we will all be.

Being in the car for long hours doing long runs is not a healthy way to live, I care deeply about the health of our Process Servers.

Contribute to the net-zero and climate change goals.

My greatest wish is for us all to do our bit by sharing this idea and by using DPS for process serving we can build a responsible community and contribute to the net-zero and climate change goals.

I have also been particularly interested in sharing the fact that Process Servers have so much local knowledge that is never recognised as an asset for our clients. Having lived this life for nearly 20years in our local area we pretty much know what is going on within the legal circles and who is being pursued by who?  It's local knowledge built up over the years.

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