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Why we set up the charity

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Being a socially responsible business - together we can do so much more.

I remember the first time I was introduced to the idea of being a socially responsible business, it was when we entered the small business awards many years ago. I admit I was a little confused. One of the questions was how your business activities act socially responsible. I had no way of answering the question as at the time we hadn't given being charitable a thought. After that experience, I really loved the idea and started giving to charities anonymously and have done this for many years now.

But, I knew I wanted to do more.

When we set up Digital Process Servers being socially responsible was on top of the list of goals we wanted to achieve and to be something we did with our clients and process servers. We have worked towards this goal in a way that giving is automated within the software.  We partnered with B1G1 to achieve this goal and built an application that connects directly to their giving story's. This means every time you order a process service our system automates the giving to the charity. 

Charity begins in the home

When I was a kid I remember staying with my aunty Doris, she used to volunteer as an ambulance officer in Perth. My uncle was disagreeable with the idea and always said to her that charity begins in the home. To a degree, I agreed with him. But I could see why my aunty enjoyed getting out volunteering in the community after devoting her life to bringing up children and looking after her family.  However, times have dramatically changed, we don't get to spend as much time as we would like with our families and I see this from living with a process server. This is why the concept of finding the closest server to the job impacts their lives in a positive way both socially and environmentally. You can read my blog on Net-Zero to find out more about this.

Setting up your giving story

It is not automatic, if you didn't select a goal when you registered you will need to go back to your dashboard and select upgrade to impact client then follow the instructions. It is free to set up. there is a bit of manual work for us to do in the background and we will let you know when this is done.

Sharing this with your social media platforms and clients.

We have created links for you to share your charitable efforts with your clients on social media. Your giving story will show how many impacts your business is having, this is a great way to show your clients how they are helping those in need too.


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