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Our main aim is to make it as simple as possible to organise having your legal documents served. A couple of things we want you to know before you proceed;

  1. the security of the information you place on our site is of the utmost importance to us this is outlined in a blog on Online Security here. 
  2. our process servers all have the relevant licences and insurance required for the industry.


The pricing structure is based on timing:
  1. Affordable, this is an option is when time isn't of the essence and service will be within a 10 day period for the first attempts.
  2. Quick, this option Guarantees the first attempt within a 4-day time frame.
  3. Same Day, this option is for super urgent same day service. 
A few factors during quoting can affect the price of your process serving.
  1. Affidavit preparation is included in the price.
  2. If service is needed in a Health Institution or Prison, inquiries must be made to secure an appointment for service so a special fee is applied.
  3. Travel costs are factored into the quote and are based on the kilometres travelled from the server's base to the address for service.
  4. Multiple defendant/s at the service address also affects the price.

Quick and easy setup

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