Process Serving in a digital era


Australia wide process servers at your fingertips

Our online Process Serving connects you directly to Process Servers nationwide that are dedicated to giving a high-quality service which streamlines and supports the legal process of document serving.

Process Serving for the legal & finance sectors

By developing software that enhances the document serving process, we help clients from the legal and finance sectors all around Australia.

How our online process serving works

Finding a process server has never been easier or more efficient

As an online process serving company, our process serving works the same way as conventional process serving – we just cut out the time consuming steps of calling around to different companies, getting quotes and looking at different options.

We offer all this in one, easy-to-use online dashboard that keeps you in full control whilst making the job of process serving easy and efficient.

By using our online process serving platform, you have access to professional process servers from all over Australia, reducing the time needed to research and contact individual process serving companies along with having quotes generated as you log your details into our system.

No more waiting around for quotes to be emailed or putting things on hold until registered process server companies get back to you.

It can take hours (even days) to research Process Servers and wait for quotes.

We take traditional process serving and give it a modern twist.

Our process servers are still serving documents the traditional way, knocking on doors and speaking to people, helping them as much as they can as this is what they do best.

They will work on the fly to solve problems as they appear, using their cunning and wit to get the best outcome for all involved.

What if there isn’t a process server in the area I require?

Simple. Your enquiry will go through to our agent management team who will research process servers in the area you require, contact and go through the vetting process and add them to our database after quality control and reference checks have been completed.

In a matter of minutes, you could log in and generate your instant quote which puts you in touch with the Process Server who will be acting on your behalf. If there isn't a Process Server in the area you are seeking service, the Agent Management team will do the searching for you because your time is precious.

We are consistently adding process servers to our database so if you can’t find a representative in the area where you want legal documents served, chances are we’re in the process of talking with someone from that area or will be soon.

Register online to get started

Connect to a qualified process server to have your documents served on time and correctly.

We openly share information and our experience and knowledge for the betterment of the industry as a whole.

We focus on being the best and are motivated to ensure all our stakeholders have the same focus. We will get the job done in the most efficient and professional way possible.


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