An easy to use online service for serving family court documents

Our online process server system enables you to lodge and upload documents for our Australia-wide family court document servers to manage.

Working with you to ensure documents are served reliably

If you’re a family law firm looking for reliable, experienced process servers to serve legal documents, register online today to get started with a Smart Digital Quote.

How our Family Law Document Serving works

Common Question about Family Court Documents being served

What is Personal Service?

By definition, Personal Service is when court documents (often these are divorce papers) are served by hand to the individual who is directly.

Remember it is your responsibility to lodge your documents in the relevant manner.

In the event that the documents were unable to be served, for example, the respondent actively avoided service, failed to show up to accept service, has moved address, etc. It is then the applicant’s responsibility to approach the court and advise them that service was unsuccessful. The court will then provide the appropriate options for this situation.


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