Smart Digital Quote

The clever use of google maps has enabled us to create a Smart Digital Quote system that links you directly to the Process Server closest to the address for service.

Backed by the Power of Google Maps

The Smart Digital Quote has revolutionised and streamlined the quote process for you by integrating google mapping in the quote form.

Simply enter the address you required for service and the system uses Google mapping to connect you to the closest Process Server to the address for service, it then shows the price for your approval.

What is Smart Digital Quote?

Local Process Servers
Smart Digital Quote is designed to streamline the process of getting the price to have documents served, we have integrated google mapping into the quote process to ensure the address is correct and link you to the closest Process Server to the address for service.

Google Mapping
When obtaining a quote and entering the address you can click on the coordinates and check the property, this gives you an idea of the type and condition of property require to be attended. It also mitigates any mistakes made when the Process Server attends the address because it has been verified by you when completing the quote.

Document Library
The Smart Digital Quote also lists the courts across Australia, this is important for when you are obtaining a quote as you will need to select the court and the type of court document you required to be served. There is a place on the form for you to add documents if they are not listed, this is important as we are working to build a library of court documents, the accompanying affidavit, and the service rules, we know the collective will benefit greatly from this.

The Smart Digital Quote is the only instant quoting system for process serving of its kind.

Built to save you time and streamline the process of getting your client's legal documents served correctly and on time.

Fast Set-up

Registering is as easy as filling out an online form. If you are a Law Firm you will need your business ABN – members of the public do not. You will need to select the relevant registration link because of the ABN requirement.

We provide you the ability to have all your servers in one place. Reports, documents, Smart Digital Quotes and communications are all in the one, easy-to-use interface.

This provides exceptional value, time and cost savings for our clients.


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