Getting a quote

Generating and Accepting a Quote

This information will provide clarity on the process from generating a quote to paying an invoice.

First-time Quote

When generating a quote for either the General Court or Family Court process serving, first ensure you select Solicitor or General Public on the quote page. 

  1. Put in your details and select either Process Service or Family court Process Serving
  2. Select upload documents and enter the number of pages in total. The process server will print the documents for service.
  3. Continue entering the document details and court details as it relates to you.
  4. The last date of service will determine the urgency of a job. The timing of your service depends on your type of documentation and how quickly or not you would like it served, for example, Family Court Documents need to be served 28 days before the pending court date.

    anything past a 5 Day timeframe  
    Urgent: 4 Days before the last date of service
    Super Urgent: 2 Days before the last date of service
    Uber Urgent: Immediate service of documents

    Keep in mind extra fees will apply for jobs that fall into the above category.

  5. Enter the Full Address for service. This must not be the town or area but the full address as the Smart Digital Quote provides the quote based on the agent closest to the area needing service. 

Acquiring a Quote for Prior Approval from your dashboard

  1. Select the Get a Quote/Add Jobs button on your Dashboard.
  2. Enter the details into the quote as above.
  3. Select View Quote.
  4. A list of agents and their price will be shown.
  5. Note the Expiry Date, if the date is exceeded a new quote will be required and urgent fees may apply.
  6. This Quote will be stored on your client dashboard and once you login you are able to be actioned at a later date providing it is before the quote expiry date.

Actioning a Quote from your Dashboard

When you are ready to action a quote simply login to the system and select show all.
This will bring up the list of previously generated quotes.

  1. Select the quote you would like to action from the Dashboard.
  2. This will take you to the list of quotes you received for the address. To action a specific quote or agent select the action button and then accept quotes.
  3. This triggers an SMS and email to the Process Server to accept the job.

Once you have requested a Process Server to accept your job you must immediately enter the details into the system.

  1. You will be directed to add the job.
  2. Please make sure you fill out all the details at this time
  3. There are four tabs of importance,
    1. The mercantile page is where you add all the details of the person being served. The information here must be entered correctly and if not know left blank.
    2. Process Service page is where you enter the document number and the plaintiff. This section is also where the Process Server can find additions information or files relating to the documents for service for example the rules of service, court brochures etc
    3. The Upload page is where you upload your instructions and any documents. you can simply drag and drop them here or browse your computer and upload. Please ensure you toggle back to the mercantile screen and hit save, this will save your files to the job.
    4. Files page is where you can check the files uploaded are correct and also where you can access any files the Process server uploads. This is where you will find your Affidavit of Service is uploaded after service is successful.

Communicating with your Process Server

In the Shared Notes section, you can provide as much information as possible to assist the Process Server in successfully serving the individual. 

  1. Select the Action Date and Time then simply enter your notes.
    Here is where you can let your Process Server know important details about the person being served. For example, the make and model of their vehicle and registration plate number, hours of work, if they have school-aged children etc. Providing details like this will assist your Process Server in deciding what time to attend to have the best chance at effecting service. 
  2. After you have completed your note to the Process Server and saved it, hitting the send notification button will send the Process Server an email. 
  3. This is also where you can find notes from the Process Server about your serve. The notes will also be sent in a final report when the job is closed.

The Agent accepts the job 

Once the Process Server accepts the job, it will be opened ready to action. The job will be on your Dashboard and highlighted green. Simply select the job to view the progress or to update the notes.

Paying the invoice, how to pay:

  1. There is a link on the invoice that will take you to a payment gateway to make payment by credit card
  2. Alternatively, you can log in and go to the Invoice (To) Tab and make the payment there also by credit card
  3. You can also select the Pay Invoices button on the job which will take you to all of your outstanding invoices.

 Phone and email support from Digital Process Servers head office is available if required.


Our Smart Digital Quotes save you days of unnecessary work. We are often contacted by multiple businesses asking for prices on serving the same legal documents.

We may be contacted by a company in Sydney, Perth and directly from the Solicitor. This is a crazy waste of everyone's precious time.


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